Your Chefs

Antoine Blaizeau ( founder )

I am Antoine Blaizeau, I am from the South West of France; I cook since many years and like to share my recipes with fine food lovers. The creation of this company is for me the perfect combination between sharing, meeting and cooking.

Vincent Mairiniac

I am Vincent Mairiniac, I am from Laguiole in the north of Aveyron; I am a passionate of gastronomy and fine cooking, I am easy going and especially like conviviality that you can find in a nice meal at home.

Alexandre Icher

I am Alexander Icher, from Hossegor; it has been 8 years that I live from my passion, cooking. I am specialized in France gastronomy, my trips around the world have allow me to had creativity and originality to my cooking which I would love to make you try.

If you want the restaurant to come at home and want to enjoy your holiday the proper way inviting your friends, give us a call !!! My house cuistot will come and cook for you and your guest great food just like in a restaurant. We can adapt to your needs; if you have specific requirements, a menu you want us to do we can discuss together. We can cook in Hossegor, Biarritz and around the area.

We offer you to come to your place 1h30 hour before the time of diner so you can enjoy the entire day.

If you want to learn and cook with us, we offer you to come to your place and cook together just like a cooking lesson and we let you decide the price you think is best for this service.

All our menus are flexible and changeable to your desire.

Since we work with fresh products only, it is possible that some days we do not have the require ingredients for the menu, especially fish. In this case we will call you and offer you some just as tasty options.

We are up for all requirements; many days contract, different budgets, special needs, do not hesitate to contact us for a chat, it would be with pleasure.


Important information :

It is possible to pay per person or in group, in checks or cash.

There is a minimum of 5 persons for our service.

We work with fresh products only, please choose one menu only for all your guest.

We can come and cook in Hossegor, Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz, Bayonne, and around this area.

For other places we can find a solution to match your needs.

Phone number :

FR:+33(0) | CH:+41 (0)77 488 84 71

Send me a mail